Universidad de Bonn - Alemania Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo -ZEF Unviersidad Nacional de Colombia

Programa de Apoyo a la Formación Doctoral (PAFD)

Scientific Programme

This scientific program is the result of intense discussions between the bilateral partners of the IDEA and the ZEF. All the initiatives and activities within the program are related with the following objectives, which harmonize with the active research programs of the IDEA and the research interests of the ZEF.

  1. 1) Exploration of the complex relations between conflict (including the Peace Agreement) and the environment in its various manifestations, looking at natural resources as the reason, the victim, beneficiary, and finally, the solution for conflicts.

  2. 2) The examination of competing actors and institutions at various scales in land management, deepening the understanding of the institutional-socioeconomic framework required for both a sustainable land use and the sustentation of the ecosystem for productive activities.

  3. The analysis of path dependencies, interdependencies of legal, social, cultural and economic factors that foster inequalities in the access to land and territorial rights in Colombia.

  4. The analysis of potentials to strengthen communities in their activities to use and protect the environment.

Scientific Projects

These projects are based at master, doctoral and post-doctoral level. The DSSP has supported the following research so far:

Master level:

  • Claudia Leifkes, University of Bonn:
    Decolonizing higher education in Colombia: How does the Instituto Agroecológico Latinoamericano María Cano attempt to produce knowledge in a de-colonial way?

Doctoral level:

  • Mauricio Alberto Ángel Macías, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Air Pollution and Health in Bogotá in the Second Half of the 20th Century: an Environmental History.

  • Ingrid Quintero Silva, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Main Agroecological Structure, Functional Activity of Coprophagous Beetles and Soil Fertility in High Mountain Livestock Agroecosystems.

  • Carolina Tobón Ramirez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Social Metabolism, Sustainability and Territory in the Upper Basin of the Bogotá River.

  • Juliana Giselle Sabogal Aguilar, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Impact of the Main Agrarian Policies 1960-2010 and Possible Contributions of the Integral Rural Reform policy (2016) to the Peace of the Territory.

  • Julián Augusto Vivas García, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Criteria for a Framework of Public Policies for the Transition towards Agroecology in Colombia.

  • David Andrés Zamora Ávila, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Analysis of the Distribution of Ecosystem Services in a Watershed through Coupled Hydro-economic and Hydro-economic Modeling.

  • Emilia Schmidt, Bonn University:
    Building Future - Preserving Past: Chances and Challenges for Cultural Heritage in Colombia after the Peace Agreement.

Post-doctoral level:

  • Dennis Aviles:
    Local Power Relations and Social Contestations in Agrarian Production and Land Use: Challenges behind the Peace-Building in Colombia.

  • Juliana Cepeda Valencia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Identifying and Evaluating Worthy Forms of Coexistence: Citizens and Communities that support Territorial Development.

  • Milson Betancourt, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
    Territorial and Environmental Challenges for Peace in Colombia.